Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Nude Rue McClanahan

Now did that catch your attention or are you still clawing out your eyes in pain and anguish?

She's not really nude actually, but you can catch Rue McClanahan stripping in the 1968 Hollywood After Dark, with film commentary provided by Mike and the 'bots from Mystery Science Theater 3000-only it is not really "Mike and the 'bots" but rather "Mike and the human 'bot incarnations." This is part of their new (hopefully series) Film Crew project which my Mike and I rented from Netflix.

Hollywood After Dark, like most MST3K films, is incredibly painful to watch on its own, but entirely amusing with MST3K-style razzing. I think the movie itself has something to do with a bipolar junkyard supervisor/hipster/strip club administrator finding love and committing some type of crime for a man with rabbit teeth. I think someone gets killed with a lamp. Anyways, Rue places the love interest and there is a lot of stripping. Scary, scary stripping.

The host segments pretty much suck but to MST3K fans, it is gratifying to know-it's back. And with naughty language too!

But also a semi-clad Rue McClanahan.

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